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The Issue

The U.S. spends more than $3 trillion on healthcare every year. Rising costs are consuming ever-larger proportions of private and public resources. While federal reforms have expanded healthcare coverage to tens of millions of Americans, it has done little to constrain hyperinflationary growth in health costs. This erodes patients’ access to high-quality care. Rising health costs are also a direct threat to America’s ability to fund other national priorities.


Studies show that as much as half of annual healthcare spending adds zero value.  This sobering observation should make Americans optimistic that there are significant savings to be realized in efficiently redesigning the way healthcare is delivered.
Businesses, unions and states that provide insurance coverage to their employees are uniquely positioned to lead the way. More than one-third of Americans workers are enrolled in employment-based,
self-funded health plans.  Employers and unions that sponsor these plans have unparalleled flexibility to redesign high-value delivery of care to employees and their families.

Not only is it possible to design high-value healthcare, it is absolutely necessary to assuring America’s future prosperity.

Self-funded employer and union health plans can demonstrate for all Americans
how alignment of provider, patient, and purchaser incentives results in:

  • significant cost savings

  • improved health outcomes

  • lower barriers to care

  • superior patient experience


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