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Podcast features America's Agenda Leaders

Updated: May 14, 2019

Shift Shapers Podcast Features Interviews with America’s Agenda Leaders

Episodes Highlight Ways Labor is Leading the Way in Cost-Saving Transformation of American Health Care

WASHINGTON (March 12, 2019) – Shift Shapers, a highly acclaimed weekly podcast that showcases transformative shifts in the insurance and employee benefits industry, featured interviews with two America’s Agenda leaders: Executive Director Mark Blum and Board of Directors Member and UFCW International Vice President Jacques Loveall.

Entitled “What if Employees Owned their Employer-Based Plans,” the podcast episode featuring Blum covered the origins and mission of America’s Agenda and the ways the organization has aligned employer and union interests to deliver innovative, high-value healthcare. Blum explained how, with the help of America’s Agenda, public worker unions spearheaded New Jersey’s adoption of a new strategy for prescription drug purchasing that saved the State, its public employees, and taxpayers $1.6 billion. In an example of a revolutionary strategy for providing personalized, high-quality healthcare at low cost to employers and working families, Blum discussed the success of next-generation SolidaritUS Health, a union-owned direct primary care provider.

To listen to the Shift Shapers interview with Mark Blum click here.

Shift Shapers host, David Saltzman, interviewed Loveall in a subsequent episode titled “Taft-Hartley Plans May Be the Leading Edge of Change.” Loveall clarified how Taft-Hartley plans differ from commercial insurance plans.  He discussed ways his own UFCW and Employers Trust in Northern California is responding to high costs driven, in part, by hospital system-imposed restraints on competition. Speaking about Taft-Hartley trusts, more broadly, Loveall detailed the creation of the Strategic Health Care Fund that enables the trusts to become not only customers, but also owners of the healthcare providers practices where union families seek care. He provided as an example, SolidaritUS Health, the successful, union-owned, direct primary care provider that was launched with a “beta test” investment from the Strategic Health Care Fund. Additional examples discussed during the episode include the New York Hotel Trades Council multi-specialty health centers in each of New York City’s five boroughs and the UNITE HERE! Culinary Workers’ primary care center in Las Vegas. 

To listen to the Shift Shapers interview with Jacques Loveall click here.

About America’s Agenda

America's Agenda is a national health care alliance that brings together labor unions, businesses, health care providers, and government leaders who share a common commitment to our mission of winning guaranteed access to affordable, high quality health care for every American. For more information  



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