America's Agenda Co-Sponsors TV AD Urging Women To "Vote Like Your Health Depends On It..."

October 23, 2008 - America's Agenda
By America's Agenda

America's Agenda: Health Care for All, the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease, and a team of co-sponsors have launched a nationwide TV spot focusing on health care reform that is running over the two weeks leading up to the presidential election.

This ad, aimed at mobilizing female voters, features celebrities and other women urging fellow women to make health care the central issue in their choice of a presidential candidate. Polling has consistently highlighted the particular sensitivity of women to health care concerns and their responsiveness as voters to the issue of health care reform.  (By the way, men are coming along, too!)

The ad, which features Lauren Bacall, Katey Sagal, Phylisha Rashad, and Mary Louise Parker is running on nationwide cable television (MSNBC, CNN, etc.) through Election Day A web version of the ad is online.  Please forward it to your family and friends. The team of partners that are co-sponsoring this ad include organizations with whom America's Agenda: Health Care for All has worked closely on the issue of health care reform. They include the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease (America's Agenda is a founding partner), The American Medical Women's Association (Mark Blum, our Executive Director, served over the past year on AMWA's Board of Directors ), SEIU and PhRMA (both America's Agenda member organizations).


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