State Health Care Reform Campaigns

In 2005, America’s Agenda launched a strategy of waging campaigns for comprehensive health reform in the states where prospects for winning victories were greater than they were at that time in Congress. In addition to winning and protecting health reform that was important to state businesses and working families, the objectives of the state campaigns were: 1) to build political momentum toward national health reform, 2) to field-test political and communications strategies, and 3) to develop innovative health reform policy templates that could provide guidance for crafting effective federal health reform.

Over the next several years, America's Agenda achieved an unrivaled record of success in building and strengthening comprehensive health care reform campaigns in states across the country. State-of-the-art strategic support provided by America’s Agenda, including cutting-edge campaign communications wed with effective health reform policy, led to unprecedented legislative victories in Maine, Vermont, and West Virginia.

Today, following federal enactment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, America’s Agenda is working shoulder to shoulder with our campaign partners in the states to win effective implementation and continued advancement of health reform.


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