The Federal Health Reform Campaign


Building bipartisan support to extend health care coverage for all children is an important milestone on the road to enacting affordable, high quality health care for all Americans.

In 2007, America’s Agenda initiated its direct efforts on behalf of federal health reform by working for reauthorization and strengthening of the State Children’s health Insurance Program, or “SCHIP”. That year, America’s Agenda carried out a telephone mobilization effort to secure votes for reauthorization in 25 Congressional Districts. The bill passed Congress with strong bipartisan support, but was subsequently vetoed. 

In response, America’s Agenda founded a new, allied campaign organization, America’s Agenda: Health Care for Kids.  Over the period from August 2008 into early 2009, America’s Agenda: Health Care for Kids aired the largest independent television issue ad campaign in the country.  America’s Agenda’s intensive television and direct mail outreach to voters in 32 states and 75 congressional districts urged constituents to thank their senators and congressional representatives for continuing to stand strong for America’s children.

After a two-year effort, the campaign achieved its goal.  The first bill enacted by the 111th Congress with broad, bipartisan support was reauthorization of a strengthened SCHIP that extended health coverage to 4 million additional children in need.  

President Obama signed the legislation on February 4, 2009, saying,  “Providing coverage to 11 million children through CHIP is a down payment on my commitment to cover every single American.”


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